How to adjust an employee’s reward balance

An employee’s financial reward balance (money or points available to spend on rewards (ex gift cards, company SWAG, payroll transfers, if enabled) can be adjusted by an Administrator.  This may be necessary when an incorrect amount was rewarded with a Recognition, Ad Hoc Reward, Company Award, etc.


Good to know

  • A reason for the adjustment must be provided and will be visible to the employee
  • The adjustment and reason will be listed on the employee's account Statement, visible to the employee
  • There is NO notification email sent to the employee
  • Adjustment amount entered will either add to or subtract from the employee’s current reward balance
  • Balance Adjustments take effect immediately; There is no un-do


How to adjust an employee’s financial reward balance

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab, select Employees
  3. Locate the employee you want to adjust and click Manage
  4. Click the Statement tab
  5. Click Adjust
  6. Enter a Value (+/-) to increase (ex 50) or decrease (ex -50) by, noting the New Balance amount dynamically adjusts accordingly
  7. Enter a Reason (will be visible to the employee)
  8. Click Update
    Note:  The balance adjustment will immediately be visible to the employee on their Statement; There is no un-do
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