How to print a Service Award Certificate

If the Service Award add-on feature is enabled for your recognition program, any Account Administrator can view/print upcoming or past Service Awards, as well as generate Upcoming and Past Service Award reports.


How to print a Service Award

  1. Login to your Admin account
  2. Click Employees tab, select Employees
  3. Locate the employee that you want to print a Service Award for
  4. Click Manage to view the employee’s Account Details
  5. Note the Manager’s name. You will need to login as the Manager to reprint the Service Award
  6. Login as their manager
    1. EITHER go back to the Employee list (step 2) and locate the Manager by name and click Manage
    2. OR click the View Position Icon located above the manager’s name in the employee’s profile and then click on the Manager’s box in the hierarchy tree
  7. While on the manager's profile, click the Login button to impersonate the manager
  8. Click My Team
  9. Click the employee that you want to print the Service Award for
  10. Click Service Awards tab
  11. Click Print button to the right of the Service Award



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