HR Data Sync

Our HR Data Sync add-on allows you to sync your employee data from your Human Resources Information System (HRIS). This can be easily automated to keep your employee data up to date and avoids any manual management.

We can either 'pull' your data from your HR System using Merge (Recommended) or you can 'push' it using our API or Console App.


Good to know

  • We use the employee file to add new employees, replace existing employee information and remove employees who have left
  • We use the position file to synchronize your hierarchy: We add new positions, change existing positions, assign employees to positions and remove old positions
  • At a minimum we recommend that you sync your file(s) daily, but you can upload them weekly or monthly if you choose
  • We suggest that you upload files overnight, giving you a full work day to resolve any validation errors before the next nightly sync
  • Every HR data sync cycle does a complete refresh of all Active employee data (not just delta changes)
  • Inactive employees are not synced, and newly Inactivated/Terminated employee accounts are automatically deleted during next sync cycle


Sync via Merge (Recommended)

Sync via Rest API or Console App



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