How to view your HR Data Sync files and troubleshoot any issues

To view your files (last 30 days) and their processing status (or error details):

  • Login to your Workstars Administrator account
  • Click on the Add-ons tab
  • Click HR Data Sync

Here you can:

  • View your uploaded files and status
  • Download previously processed files
  • View error reports
  • Cancel queued files
  • Download schema files
  • Manually upload files (this is only available for testing prior to launch)

The following statuses are used:

Status Description
Scheduled The file has passed validation and has been scheduled (the scheduled date and time will be displayed)
Queued The file has passed validation and has been queued for processing
Processing The file is processing (you can view the % as it processes)
Skipped The file was rejected as it was the same as the last successful file.
Blocked To protect your data history the processor will block files that try to make significant changes. For example, if you try to remove more than 75% of your employees or positions. This is not normal and is usually caused by either a data problem (e.g. leading zeros removed from EmployeeID by mistake) or a change in HR systems (e.g. new positonsID’s are different than old positonsID’s).
Error The file failed validation and was rejected (download the error file to view why)
Complete The file has completed successfully
Complete With Errors The file was processed but 1 or more lines generated a warning (download the error file to view why)



When viewing your uploaded files, do not open them with Excel. You should always use a text based application (e.g. Notepad) to ensure you see the correct content.

File Processing Overview

When a file is uploaded, the system will check the file format:

  • if the file is OK, it will be queued for processing.
  • if there is a problem with the file, the ENTIRE FILE will be rejected, and an error reported. NO CHANGES will be applied to your data.

Queued files will be processed, one record at a time:

  • if an issue is detected ONLY THAT RECORD will be skipped and file processing will continue. An exception file will be generated to help you resolve any issues.
  • if there are no issues, the employee data and positions will be updated and the appropriate actions taken (e.g. employees added, invites sent, employees removed, hierarchy changes applied, etc.)

Error Messages

See the below articles for help with file errors:

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