The Birthdays feature will automatically recognize your employees on their birthday. When activated, the next time an employee logs into the platform, we will ask them if they want to be recognized for their birthday, and if so, they will enter their day and month of birth (not year).

The feature can be configured with or without reward:

  • Recognition on the Wall and no additional reward
  • Recognition on the Wall and a Financial reward
  • Recognition on the Wall and a Perk reward

Here is an example of how Birthday Recognitions appear on the Wall:



Good to know

  • This feature is easy to configure and activate
  • Once activated, there is little to no administration involved
  • Managers are given email notification of their employee's upcoming Birthday 6 days in advance
  • The Birthday Recognition is posted to the Wall at 11am in the recipient's time zone
  • In addition to the Wall post, both the employee and their line manager are notified of the Birthday Recognition by email at 11am in the recipient's time zone
  • If your program uses Perks, Birthdays can be configured to give a Perk alongside the Birthday Recognition to be redeemed in the future, or can be given 7 days prior to the Birthday so they can redeem it on their special day
  • If your program uses Perks, you can configure up to 3 Perks for the recipient to choose from
  • Birthday Recognitions are currently not posted to Workstars TV or Chat Integrations; they only post to the recognition Wall
  • Birthday Recognition do not mention age or year of birth


How to enable Birthdays

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Add-ons tab, select Birthdays
  3. Follow the Wizard to quickly configure and launch

Employees can then optionally provide their birth day and month (not year) when they register their account, or they can add it to their profile at any time.


How to view or cancel Birthdays provides details around viewing birthday Wall posts and upcoming birthdays.

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