There are 4 configurable items that will customize your recognition program to match your company’s unique Brand

  • Logo - Used in emails and printed certificates
  • Colors - Primary and secondary, used for all site frames, buttons, menus
  • Header - Displayed across the top of your recognition program
  • Login - Background graphic on login page (not used in SSO configurations)

Good to know

  • Use a transparent background logo graphic
  • Use HTML color hexadecimal codes for exact match on primary and secondary colors
  • Banner graphic dimensions must be 940 pixels wide and 50-200 pixels high
  • Login background dimensions must be 920 pixels wide and 540 pixels high
  • Login background graphic not needed if using Single Sign On


How to configure your Branding

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click System Settings
  3. Click Branding in the left nav menu
  4. Upload company logo (transparent background preferred), click Save
  5. Enter primary company color html color code (ex #6BC272) or select from palette, click Save
  6. Enter highlight html color code, used for titles, tabs, etc (ex #9cd91a), click Save
  7. Upload company header, used across the top of web site (940px wide, 50 - 200px high), click Save
  8. Upload company graphic, used as background for login page (920px wide, 540px high), adjust position of the login box, click Save
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