How to edit Recognition settings or Company Values

You can edit Recognition settings and Company Values.  Changes will take effect immediately for all future Recognitions.


Good to know

There are two ways to update company values:

  • Overwrite the current values - Designed for making a small change or correcting an error, not a full refresh of values, however, if you are substituting a value which is very similar, it may be suitable. This will completely replace the title of the Value, including history and reports.
  • Delete the old and add new - Recommended if you are doing a complete overhaul of values.  This will retain the data from the old value(s) on reports, so future reports will see both the old and new values.
  • If you maintain a Company document that explains Company Values to your employees, ensure that you update it accordingly


How to edit Recognition settings and/or Company Values

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Recognitions tab
  3. Click the settings cog near top right corner
  4. Click through the four tabs of settings and make your edits
  5. Click Save




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