Director's Flag

The system allows you to identify your Senior Management Team, by flagging them as a Director.  An employee can be flagged as a Director if they report to the CEO or another Director.


Good to know

  • Directors automatically have access to the Director's Report for the Reporting Group they belong to
  • Directors' activity is tracked separately, so in the Manager Performance Report you can see who a Director is, and in the Social Interaction Trend Report you can see if Directors are interacting on the Wall
  • If your program is using Perks, each Perk can be configured so that only Directors can give it out
  • A Perk Token budget holding Director can give Perks to anyone, they are never limited to direct reports only
  • Directors can share access to their account with another employee, i.e. their PA, so that issuing rewards and processing actions can be done on their behalf
  • A Director can only report to another Director


How to flag an employee as a Director

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab, select Employees
  3. Locate the employee you want to update
  4. Click Manage
  5. Set Director radio button to Yes
  6. Click Update
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