How to grant access to a Director’s account

A Director can grant someone else (ex. Administrative Assistant) access to their account, so that somebody else can interact and issue rewards on their behalf.


Good to know

  • Director Account Sharing must be enabled
  • The Director's employee profile must be flagged as a Director
  • Only one person can be provided with access to the Director's account at a time
  • Any Financial Reward initiated from the Director's account will debit the Director's budget, not the designee's


How to enable Director account sharing

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click System Settings
  3. On System Settings tab, set Allow Director Account Sharing to Yes
  4. Click Update Settings


How a Director grants someone else access to their account

  1. Director logs into their Employee account
  2. Click the Account Details cog
  3. Click Account Access
  4. Click inside the Grant account access to: box
  5. Type the person’s name until recognized, then select it

Note: An Administrator can do this, with express permission from the Director, by impersonating the Director from the Administration system.


The employee who was granted access to the Director's account can go to their own Account Details cog, select Access Login List, and click Login as User for the Director they want to impersonate.

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