How to deal with employees that are flagged as having an incorrect email address

To ensure our emails are not flagged as spam, we track any errors while attempting delivery. There are 2 types - "soft bounces" (i.e. a temporary email error, for example, the mailbox is full) and "hard bounces" (i.e. a permanent email error, for example, the mailbox doesn't exist).

We ignore "soft bounces" as they will be resolved at some point but if we receive a "hard bounce", we block the employee account from receiving any further emails.

How to check for incorrect emails

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click on the Employees tab
  3. Select the Employees option
  4. If there are employees with incorrect email addresses, there will be a message similar to the below:


What do I have to do?

You need to update the incorrect email addresses to re-enable email sending to the employee(s):

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab
  3. Click the link in the warning where it says X employee(s) to list all affected employees
  4. Click the Manage button for the employee
  5. Check the email address has been entered correctly
  6. Follow one of the steps below to update it

If you are manually managing your employees

  1. Update the Email field
  2. Click Update to save

If you are using our HR Data Sync add-on

  1. Update the employee's email in your HR/IS system
  2. Run a sync manually (ask your IT Team) or wait for the next sync

Note: If the email address is already correct, contact your Account Manager to have it manually re-enabled

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