Program Setup – Overview

This is an outline/checklist of the required base configuration and optional features an Administrator needs to configure before launching your recognition program.


Good to know

  • The base program must already be created by your Sales Manager prior to using this list. The base setup covers:
    • Company short name
    • Recognition program name
    • Domain name
    • Hierarchy type
    • Reporting Group structure
    • Primary Administrator account creation
    • Countries
    • Financial Reward on/off
    • Perks on/off
    • Service Awards on/off
  • Feature availability depends on program tier:  Entry, Pro, or Global
  • To change tiers, contact your Account Manager
  • Some items will require setup assistance from your IT department
  • Your Account Manager has best practices documentation and numerous poster designs, which can be re-branded at no charge for your pre- and post-launch communications


Required Base Configuration

Login to your Administrator account - all configuration and ongoing management of your program will be done from the admin portal.

Note: The URL for the Administrative system is the same as the recognition program, but with '/admin' at the end

All programs require the following minimum configuration:


Optional Features

You will only need to configure the optional features that will be used by your specific program. 





IT Department

Your IT department will only need to configure the features that will be used by your specific program.


  • Whitelist key domains
    • Whitelist your program URL:
    • Whitelist the Workstars email domain:
    • Whitelist our video guide URL: (if your firewall restricts external links)

Pro or Global


Prepare for Launch

Once the program is configured and ready to go, send communications and Launch.

  • Set your pre-launch communication plan (teasers, posters, manager training, etc)
  • Set your post-launch communications plan (increase registration, celebrate early adopters, etc)
  • Launch the recognition program
    Note:  DO NOT click Launch until your scheduled launch date, as clicking Launch will immediately send out Invitation emails to every employee you put in the system
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