Company Message

The company Message is an optional feature that lets you quickly and easily Pin a message at the top of the Wall for all employees to see when they login.


Good to know

  • The message will continue to display until the employee clears it by clicking the X or you remove it
  • Only one company message can be displayed at a time
  • At initial launch, this message can welcome all employees to the new recognition platform
  • Can be used to announce changes, new features, or new company awards


How to create a company message

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Add-ons tab, select Content
  3. Click New Company Message
  4. Enter Title
  5. Enter Content
  6. Add an optional image (must be exactly 130 x 130 pixels)
  7. Click Add Company Message

Note:  If you have created multiple Company Messages, you can switch from one to another by clicking the Manage buttons.







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