Department mapping to Reporting Groups

When setting up your Recognition program, one of the key actions we will ask you to undertake is to decide how you would like to structure your Departments and Reporting Groups.  Reporting Groups allow you to segment divisions of the business and generate reports that give you meaningful insights, looking at how each Reporting Group is performing in comparison to the rest of the business. For more information, please read What are Reporting Groups before continuing.


Good to know

  • You can create as many Reporting Groups and Departments as you need
  • Reporting Group names can be anything you want, whereas Department names must exactly match what is used in your HRIS because our system uses these Department names in your employee data file to place your employees into the correct Department / Reporting Group
  • You can have multiple Departments in one Reporting Group OR you can have each Department map one-to-one to a Reporting Group with the same name (see example screen shots below)
  • Each Department in your HRIS must map to only one Reporting Group
  • Ensure you have created your Reporting Groups before you upload your employee data
  • Any time a new Department is created or renamed in your HRIS, you will need to add or amend it in the Administrator portal and ensure it is mapped to a Reporting Group


We advise generating a report from your HRIS which details all of your current Departments. You can then use this list to decide how you would like each Department to be grouped and what you will call that Reporting Group. Once these are finalized you will need to set them up in the Administrator portal by first creating your Reporting Groups and then mapping your Departments to those Reporting Groups.


How to create Reporting Groups

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab, select Reporting Groups
  3. Click Reporting Group in the left nav menu
    Note: Multi-country programs will do a one-time Company Structure selection (By Department is the most common Company Structure)
  4. Click Add Reporting Group
  5. Enter a Reporting Group Name and click Add
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until all Reporting Groups are created
  7. Then map your Departments to the Reporting groups


How to map Departments to Reporting Groups

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab, select Reporting Groups
  3. Click Department Mappings in the left nav menu
  4. Click Add Mapping
  5. Enter the Department Name
  6. Select the Reporting Group from the pulldown list
  7. Click Add Mapping
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until all Departments are mapped


After all your Departments are added and mapped to Reporting Groups, you can add your employee data.








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