Company Awards

Company Awards allows you to launch an awards process layered on top of peer-to-peer recognition.

Company Awards are ideal for running and managing processes like Employee of the Month, Quarter or Year, or specific top performer initiatives.

There are 2 ways you can run a Company Award

1) Employees nominate each other and you decide on the winners

Employees can nominate someone who has received a Recognition within the eligible timeframe (defined by you). Once the nomination window closes, you then choose the winners and pay out the prizes (where applicable).

2) You pick the nominees and the employees vote on the winners

You create a shortlist of nominees from the employees who have received a Recognition within the eligible timeframe (defined by you). Your employees then vote on the winners, then you announce the winners and pay out the prizes (where applicable).


Good to know

  • To be eligible for nomination, the colleague must have been Recognized within the eligibility period
  • Every nomination is shared on the Wall, with communications to nominees at every step
  • You can run multiple Awards at the same time
  • Awards can be run company-wide or be restricted to specific departments
  • You can view all nominations and supporting comments from the admin portal, which can also be generated as a PDF if you need to share the nominations with a wider group
  • You can define an unlimited number of winners
  • You can reward with your own prizes or choose financial rewards to pay directly into their account
  • If you want to give employees more detailed information on the Award, create Company documents to add additional information


How to Enable the Company Awards feature

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Add-Ons tab, select Company Awards
  3. Click Learn More
  4. Click Get Started
  5. Adjust settings
  6. Click Save
    Note: You can return to this settings page by clicking the cog icon


See How to Create and Run a Company Award for further details.


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