Workstars TV

The Workstars TV add-on allows you to display the 10 most recent wall entries on any screen in your office or in your own system (e.g. Intranet, HR System, etc.). It’s an easy way to promote your recognitions and share activity with your employees (especially if they are not "desk based", e.g. warehouse/factory workers).

Below is an example of how it would look:

Image #1

How to enable Workstars TV

  1. Login to your Administrator account (must be the primary account or technical user)
  2. Click Add-ons, then select Workstars TV
  3. Click the Get Started button
  4. Follow the wizard to Generate a URL
  5. Click the copy icon to copy the URL to your clipboard for use in the next step(s)
  6. To display Workstars TV on a TV or monitor, follow How to setup a TV/monitor to use a Workstars TV URL
  7. To display Workstars TV on your web page, intranet, HR portal, etc., have your IT person follow How to use Workstars TV data in your own system
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