Workplace Setup Guide

With this integration you can automatically post your wall entries into a Workplace group. Below is an example of what a post looks like in Workplace for an individual recognition:


Step 1 - Create a custom integration in Workplace

  • Login to your Workplace account as an administrator
  • Click the Admin Panel button (if you cannot see this button then you are not an administrator)
  • On the left hand menu, select Integrations
  • Click the Create Custom Integration button
  • Enter a name (e.g. Workstars or your program name) and a description
  • Click the Create button
  • In the “Integration Details” section, click Update Logo
  • Select an appropriate icon (click here to download the Workstars icon)
  • Adjust the scroller until the icon fits in the box
  • Click the Crop and Save button
  • Under “Access Token”, click the Create Access Token button
  • Copy the access token and save it somewhere for later as it will only be shown once
  • Tick the “I Understand” box and click the Done button
  • In the “Integration Permissions” section, tick the box next to “Manage group content”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click the Save button
  • Go back to the home page (you can click Home in the top bar)
  • On the left hand menu, select Groups
  • Click the name of the group you want to post the entries into
  • In your browser’s URL bar you should see something like:
  • Copy Group ID (the large number at the end e.g. 810568262612623) and save it somewhere for later

Step 2 - Configure and enable the integration

  • Login to your Workstars administrator account (must be the primary account or technical user)
  • Click on System Settings at the top
  • Then click Integrations from the left-hand menu
  • Select Workplace
  • In the Group ID box enter the value you saved from Step 1
  • In the Access Token box enter the value you saved from Step 1
  • If you are running in a country with multiple languages please select the language you would like to post in. Please note that this only applies to the general content (e.g. “has been recognised by”) as the person making the recognition can enter the reason in any language. If in doubt set it to ‘English’.
  • To enable the integration we need to test the connection. Click the Enable button and we will post a test message to the group you specified.
  • Login to Workplace and view the appropriate group, there should be a post that says “This message was sent to test the connection”
  • If you cannot see the message, click No and contact Support
  • If everything is OK click Yes to enable the integration

The integration is now setup and any new wall posts should also be posted into Workplace. You can view what is happening by viewing the Integration Log.


How do I disable the integration?

In the Workstars administration portal, go to System Settings then Integrations and select the integration. Click the Disconnect button and confirm.

How do I change the settings (e.g. the account its connected to, channel it posts to, etc.)?

To ensure the setup works correctly it is not possible to change settings, please disable the integration and start again (see Step 1).

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