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This add-on is only available if you are running a financial program, using the Pro model and running in a single country.

To enable this add-on you must contact your account manager.

Our expenses add-on allows your budget holders to spend their recognition budget on a recognition related expense that is outside of the system. For example, if they want to send some flowers, chocolates or go out for something to eat/drink.

Budgets holders cannot claim for just anything - the expense must be connected to a recent recognition e.g within the last 30 days (this time period can be configured by you) and you define the types of suppliers they can use (e.g. Restaurant, Flowers, etc.).

How to setup expenses

Step 1 - Configure Expenses

  • Login to your Workstars administrator account (must be the primary account or technical user)
  • Click System Settings
  • On the left hand side menu select Expenses
  • On the sub menu select Configuration
  • You should see the Recognition Expenses Settings page
  • In the Expenses drop down menu select Enabled
  • In the Max Spend Value Per Person box, enter an appropriate value
  • In the Terms and Conditions box, enter any restrictions you want to apply (this must be agreed by the budget holder when submitting an expense)
  • In the Max Recognition Age box, check/update the default value
  • In the Approval Grace Period box, check/update the default value
  • Click the Update Settings button

Step 2 - Setup Supplier Types

  • On the left hand side sub menu select Expense Supplier Types
  • Click the Add Expense Supplier Type button
  • In the Supplier Types box, enter a type of supplier (e.g. Flowers, Restaurant, etc.)
  • Click Add Supplier Type button
  • To add additional supplier types repeat the same process

How to view expenses

  • Click More on the main menu
  • Select Expenses
  • All expenses will be listed, along with their status
  • Click the View button next to the expenses to view the details
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