How to download employee data

You can download the full list of employees or a subset using filters.  This data is very useful for a number of activities and insights:

  • Compare employee data against an HRIS report and check for any errors
  • See who isn't registered
  • See who hasn't logged in recently
  • See Reward balances (if available)
  • See who is participating in Birthdays feature (if available)

Good to know

  • Admins with the Analysis User role cannot access employee data
  • Save the file in .xlsx format before editing the report so that your changes are not lost, as CSV format does not retain any formatting
  • Employee data includes:
    • ID
    • Name
    • email
    • Job Title
    • Start Date
    • Department
    • Reporting Group
    • Manager ID
    • Date Added
    • Date Registered
    • Last Login Date
    • Is Director Y/N
    • Reward Balance
    • Next Birthday Date


How to download employee data

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click the Employees tab and select Employees
  3. Optionally use the available filters to limit report content
  4. Note the count of employees in lower left corner of list
  5. Click the green cloud button near the top left of the list to download the report in CSV format


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