How to extend the expiration date of a perk

Each Perk is configured with an 'appropriate' expiration date.  For example, a Coffee On Us perk might expire within 30 days, while a Start Vacation Early perk might expire in 365 days.

You may occasionally need to extend the expiration date of an expired or almost expired perk.


Good to know

  • If the perk reward was connected to a Recognition that has since been removed from the wall, the expiration date cannot be changed since the perk is no longer valid
  • If the perk was already redeemed, it cannot be changed


How to extend the expiration date of a perk

  1. Login to Administrator account
  2. Click Perks tab, select View History
  3. Search for the Employee = last name
  4. Status = Expired or Unredeemed or Pending Approval
  5. Click Submit
  6. Locate the Perk that needs extending, click View
  7. Click the Reward tab
  8. Change Expiry date: Pend it out 2 weeks or more, as appropriate
  9. Click Save
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