The Perks feature provides the ability to give all sorts of great rewards to deserving employees.

Just a few examples: Leave work early, Come in late, Take a day off, Lunch on the company, Your favorite cake, Ice cream party, Reserved parking for a week, Event tickets, Charity donation in your name, Car wash, etc.  The possibilities are only limited by your company rules ;) 

Perks can be attached to:

  • Recognitions
  • Service Awards
  • Birthdays


Good to know

  • When you program was set up, your company decided whether a Perk Token budget holder can issue a Perk reward to anyone or only to their direct reports (you can raise a support ticket to have this changed)
  • A Perk Token budget holding Director can give a Perk to anyone, regardless of program setup
  • Perk Templates are available to edit and use, or you can create your own from scratch
    Note: Perk templates are prefilled with both UK and US English - If you edit the wording of one, be sure to also edit the other
  • Each Perk has its own configurable details, including Token 'cost', expiration date, redemption instructions, etc.
  • Each Company Value, located in Recognition Settings & Configuration, needs to be individually enabled for Perk Rewards
  • Recognition Perks are 'purchased' by the Initiator/Giver using Perk Tokens
  • Before creating Perks, you need to determine what they will 'cost' in Perk Tokens.  For example, Lunch on the company could cost 50 Tokens, Come in late could cost 200 Tokens, Day off could cost 800 Tokens.
  • You need to make decisions on who will receive Perk Token budgets, how much they will receive, and how often
  • See How to manage Perk Token budgets for details on required budget management steps
  • A Perk can be given out by any Perk Token budget holder or can be limited to budget holding Directors only
  • Employees are asked to select up to 3 favorite Perks when they create their account, or can select from the Perks list at any time, which helps the Perk giver choose what to give
  • Perk rewards are fulfilled outside of the recognition program


How to create a Perk from a template

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click Perks tab, select Manage Perks
  3. Click Perk Templates in the left nav menu
  4. Locate a Perk Template that you want to use
    Note: Click on the Perk's title to read Description and Entitlement details
  5. Click Copy, Confirm
    Repeat for each additional Perks you want to use
  6. Click Perk Catalog in the left nav menu
  7. Click Show/Hide on the Pending section
  8. For each Pending Perk, click Edit and adjust as necessary
    Click Update Perk to save changes
    Note: Perk will remain Pending until Status is set to Active, and you have selected whether all token budget holders can issue the Perk or just directors


How to create a Perk from scratch

  1. Login to your Administrator account
  2. Click Perks tab, select Manage Perks
  3. Click Add Perk
  4. Complete the form
    Note: Use a free utility like MS Paint to re-size image to 300x200px, then use TinyPNG to reduce file size
  5. Click Add Perk
    Perk will remain Pending until Status is set to Active


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