How to sync your data using Merge

Merge is an optional automated HRIS data sync service available on the Pro or Global model that you can enable in minutes.  if you are using the Entry model and wish to use this feature, please contact your Account Manager.

Once enabled (HRIS-specific instructions below), Merge will automatically and securely sync all required employee data into your recognition program, refreshing once every 24 hours.  There's nothing you need to do or maintain, other than keep your existing HRIS data current as you normally do.


Good to know

  • Merge syncs your entire HRIS roster of Active employees every 24 hours; you can limit/exclude automatic syncing for different employee types i.e. contractors or interns
  • Inactive employees are not synced, and newly Inactivated/Terminated employee accounts are automatically deleted during next sync cycle
  • For most configurations, your HRIS source data will need to include first name, last name, employee number, work email address, job title, department, start date, manager employee number, and country for every employee
  • Merge works best with 'company managed hierarchies', where every employee has an assigned manager and every manager has a manager, with one CEO at the top of the hierarchy
  • Merge pulls employee work email addresses, not personal
  • Merge pulls employee home country in a global program
  • You will need to manually add your Departments and Reporting Groups before enabling Merge sync
  • We will alert you (via your admin portal) to any sync errors so that you can correct them in your source HRIS data
  • Merge security info


HRIS automations currently available for Merge


How to check status of Merge HR data sync and troubleshoot any issues


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